byblos, SAINT-TROPEZ, 20 June 2023

An agroecological permaculture vegetable garden of 300m², the first of its kind for a Palace in Saint-Tropez.


Hotel Byblos Saint-Tropez and “Le jardin de la Piboule” are delighted to introduce Byblos’ vegetable garden, cultivated by the Executive Chef of Byblos Nicola Canuti, Yann Menard producer of the Jardin de la Piboule, and Bodo Fath, naturopath.


They carefully selected seeds, planted 70 varieties of vegetables, fruits and aromatic flowers, to create this 300 m² agroecological garden in permaculture will be the first of its kind within a hotel with a Palace distinction in Saint-Tropez.


This approach is part of Byblos’ desire to provide its customers with the best products of controlled origin within the framework of sustainable development.


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